Who am I? I’m a creative strategist and environmental activist. More simply put? I specialize in corporate social responsibility. Hmm. Perhaps that wasn’t any less confusing…

But here it is - I firmly believe that a company that cares is a company that people care about. That very notion is what brought me to PR – a hunger to deliver good results to good clients. Perhaps it’s a form of communication cosmic balance, but I set out in my career to tip the scales toward the businesses with social purpose. Since setting out on my CSR crusade, I’ve worked with Fortune 150 titans, mid-sized nonprofits and local, grassroots movements – all to better their business and better the environment.

What about when I’m not busy with all those responsibilities listed on my resume? Well, you’ll likely find me hanging out at a local brewery or sidelining as a barista.

More curious than when you started reading this bio? Good. Scroll on down, drop me a note and let's connect. There’s nothing I love more than good coffee, good brews and good people. 

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